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Spyro: Blast to The Past script cover. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 2 0 When Bentley Reacts to Skylanders. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 3 5 Bentley X Sheila. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 2 0 Happy Easter. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 3 10 Bentley The Singer. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 1 2 10 Watchers Special. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 2 9 Gift For Captainbrookee(Bartholomew) :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 1 0 A9 x Bartholomew (Yaoi). :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 1 0 Asking The Spyro Characters. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 0 0 Agent9 X Bartholomew. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 1 0 Spyro In Teen Titans. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 1 0 Bentley (He's To Hot). :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 1 2 Bentley On Snapchat. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 0 0 Gift For SuperSmashCynderLum: He needs More Love. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 0 0 What's Your Fave Spyro Yaoi? :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 2 12 Bentley: The World Is Mine. :iconburrowgirl2002:Burrowgirl2002 0 0


binana :iconcaptainbrookee:CaptainBrookee 9 4 THIS WAY THAT :iconcaptainbrookee:CaptainBrookee 12 4 Anthro Spyro :iconrandom-fanart:Random-FanArt 82 30 Spyro 3 - CLOD!!! :iconspongedragon15:SpongeDragon15 21 7 Bianca the Rabbit :iconkendratheshinyeevee:KendraTheShinyEevee 60 9 Spyro - Bianca :iconevilcoco95:EvilCoco95 40 17 Spyro - Year of the Dragon :iconpiranhartist:Piranhartist 184 73 Jack the Septic-Dragon :iconmechafeline:mechafeline 65 17 Hunter the Cheetah :iconvalorianthewingless:ValoriantheWingless 13 8 Bianca the Rabbit :iconvalorianthewingless:ValoriantheWingless 13 13 Sheila the Kangaroo :icongeothefox:GeotheFox 11 231 bentley and bart :iconcaptainbrookee:CaptainBrookee 7 5 Bartholomew :iconfloravola:floravola 15 9 Spyro the Dragon OC - Macy :iconpinkcat146:pinkcat146 4 5 Elora Design test :iconalyssa-the-sketcher:alyssa-the-sketcher 7 2 Spyro: Year of the Dragon Vectors :iconleafia-the-tactician:Leafia-The-Tactician 20 11



Spyro: Blast to The Past script cover.
Yolo my little donkeys. Tomorrow I'm going to make a script Literature called Spyro: Blast to The Past.
Main characters in script:
Spyro the dragon
Bentley the yeti
Sheila the kangaroo
Agent9 the monkey
Cynder the dragoness
Bartholomew the yeti
Angel the donkey
Hunter the cheetah
Bianca the bunny
Ripto the dino (Riptoc???? IDK)

Anyways see you tomorrow. Hope you like this pic :D.
When Bentley Reacts to Skylanders.
Is it just me or am I adicted to old Spyro games. I didthis drawing because I thought CaptainBrookee, nyro1 and alyssa-the-sketcher will like that. Hope you guys like it. Here's when I react to Legend of Spyro and Skylanders: DANGIT ACTIVISION YOU RUIND SPYRO -_- :(. Anyways hope ya like it. :D; ) :)
Bentley X Sheila.
I did this pic because I thought CaptainBrookee would like it and also to make it more funny I put funny eyes on sheila to make her look like she is grossed out from those yeti smooches. Hope you like it. :D
Happy Easter.
Happy Easter my donkeys. Today in this pic Bartholomew's pet bunny named Nala is jealous of her owner because he adopted a baby dragon called Ami. Anyways hope ya like it.
Users to say Happy Easter to:
And GeotheFox

Happy Easter!!! :D:D :D
10 Watchers Special.
Hey guys, I would like to say THANK YOU for 10 watchers. I may do comics anytime. Hope you like this pic :D.
Not feeling well today :(
Gift For Captainbrookee(Bartholomew)
Hi my chubby donkeys. I would like to say thank you for the nice comments on my art. Today I drew Bartholomew today because he's my favourite character in the Spyro series. I really like this character because he's funny, has a British accent just like me cus I'm British to, he's got a handsome voice (he ain't a kid he's a 16 year old yeti and his brother is around 18) and he's hot. Anyways hope ya like it. :D
Asking The Spyro Characters.
Names of characters you need to ask questions to:

Bullet; Purple Spyro
Bullet; Blue Bentley
Bullet; Green Agent 9
Bullet; White Bartholomew
Bullet; Yellow Hunter
Bullet; Red Sgt James Byrd
Bullet; Orange Sheila
Bullet; Yellow Bianca
Bullet; Green Elora
Bullet; Pink Ember
Bullet; Black Cynder
Bullet; Red Flame
Bullet; White Blink
Bullet; Yellow Sparx

Any ways Enjoy asking the Spyro characters. :D (Big Grin) Wink/Razz Heart 
Agent9 X Bartholomew.
Don't judge me, I just have to XD. It's just yaoi. Please don't complain about the drawing. It's just for a laugh LOL :D. Hope you like it. Don't be rude. It's just art.:D :D.
Bentley (He's To Hot).
Picture for CaptainBrookee and nyro1 . To much nosebleedsThe Monkey With the Nosebleed . In my opinion Bentley is one of the hottest guys in the Spyro The Dragon Trilogy. Meow :3 Heart He's Dam Hot (Starts to nosebleedAyumi Nosebleed Icon ). Love He's one of my favourite playable characters in Spyro 3.Giggle   Hope you guys like this pic that I made (No Complaining please). If you add a nice comment to me then I will do a Picture of Bartholomew that may give you nose bleeds.Love 
Bentley On Snapchat.
Looks like Bentley is on Snapchat on his iPhone 7. Do you think he's sending a streak to Spyro? Or mabe he is sending a snap on his story? Hope you guys like it. :)
What's Your Fave Spyro Yaoi?
What's Your Fave Spyro The Dragon Yaoi?

Bullet; Purple Spyro x Hunter
Bullet; Purple Spyro x Bentley
Bullet; Purple Spyro x Agent 9
Bullet; Purple Spyro x Bartholomew

Bullet; Blue Bentley x Agent 9
Bullet; Blue Bentley x Hunter
Bullet; Blue Bentley x Spyro

Bullet; Green Agent 9 x Bartholomew
Bullet; Green Agent 9 x Hunter
Bullet; Green Agent 9 x Spyro
Bullet; Green Agent 9 x Bentley 

Bullet; Yellow Hunter x Bentley
Bullet; Yellow Hunter x Agent 9
Bullet; Yellow Hunter x Bartholomew
Bullet; Yellow Hunter x Spyro

Bullet; White Bartholomew x Agent 9
Bullet; White Bartholomew x Hunter
Bullet; White Bartholomew x Spyro 

Write down your Answer in the comments below. =P (Razz) Love
Bentley The Yeti Sonic Form.
It's been a while since I played Sonic the hedgehogSanicplier Gotta Slide Fast Emoticon  (since I was 9) and Spyro The DragonSpyro A Hero's Tail - Eye Irises Diminish Spyro  (when I was 10+). Hope you guys like this edit (pic) that I made. :D Meow :3 Wink/Razz :) (Smile) 
Not feeling well today :(


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I really love donkeys because they make funny noises and my world's favourite game is Spyro. I'm sometimes clumsy. I am very funny a lot and my 2 favourite you tubers are pewdiepie and smosh.
Feel free to make requests.

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